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Virginia Adopts IIMTQS National AHIMT Standard


This message is being posted on behalf of DPM Bryan Swanson.

On April 14, 2016 another milestone was met in Virginia related to Emergency Management and IMT's. The Central Virginia All Hazards Incident Management Team is proud to be part of this movement and partners with the National Capitol and Hampton Roads Incident Management Teams. Posted below is an overview of the accomplishments captured in the photo.

Virginia is now the fifth state to adopt this national standard for All Hazards Incident Management Teams. The standard has been published for less than a year. The other states are Colorado, Utah, Montana, and Louisiana. This will ensure that all Virginia IMTs and their members meet a national standard for responding both within the state and in answering EMAC missions.

The IIMTQS Guide reflects the best practices on a national level to ensure that Virginia implements recognized guidelines for standardization and development of an Interstate Incident Management Team Qualification System. These guidelines will enhance the ability of local jurisdictions and the Commonwealth to prevent, protect, mitigate, respond, and recover from all-hazard events. This document will ensure that Virginia provides Incident Management Teams to other jurisdictions within the Commonwealth and to other states that are qualified on a national standard. The adoptions as revised/amended by the AHIMTA will ensure that the Commonwealth maintains currency with the standard.